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After a long hard day, you came back to your room with some regular pain like shoulders ache, stiffed back and fit’s which are about to split out from your body, but you threw away your shoes and sit on a chair, grab a remote not for TV, for a chair that is waiting to hear from you to provide a calm and royal massage to take over you from the curse of pain. Those magical chairs are known as massage chair. Recently people are experiencing the benefits of massage. Massage is not just for their relaxation, but also for several injuries and healing a parson’s unhealthy physical or mental condition. People are very much health conscious. Nowadays they want overall fitness and I feel, it can be achieved by a massage chair.

History of Massage Chair

At the beginning of 80s a great discovery was made by a man named David Palmer, he was a massage therapist from California and wanted to create something that makes the massage more commonly spared and easy to achieve. At that time only few people were able to have massaged in massage parlors because of expenses and that’s why he came up with the massage chair. However, this invention was a great engineering achievement, but at the part of its marketing sector the massage chair wasn’t a big success because of high prices and people were less conscious about health, but the scenario changed quickly because of fast technical and financial progresses.

History of Massage Chairs
Inventor of massage chair David Palmer

On that new era people started became more aware of their health with comfort and many studies have proven the benefits of a massage chair. Moreover, we all know that massage chair serves us by venous and Blood Flow, Improving Flexibility of muscle, it enhances endorphin levels, but this research and studs created a new controversy that “Roland A. Labbe” designed the first application for a massage chair in 1948. Roland’s illustration is consisted of a chair that is mounted on a pedestal, which is a metal frame included with the back section of the chair. Roland’s illustrated the chair to shake continuously in a pattern not as first as milk shaker of nowadays, but in much smother formation and stretch a person’s hand along with lags. According to doctor these events will make a body feel relieved from stress, tension free and pain less. But in front of David Palmers creation, Roland’s design may look a bit intimidating. On this case we can call the David Palmer as the creator of first robotic massage chair. However, it will always remain a wonder how this thing work and how the founders came up with it.

Modern Day Massage Chair

At present, Japan is the biggest buyer of massage chairs by some researcher’s help we found that more than 23% of Japanese households actually have a massage chair. By comparison, massage chair penetration in the American market is estimated to be in the neighborhood of 2.03%. The current massage chair market is dominated at the top by some dominant manufacturers such as titan, Osaki, Inada, and Panasonic. After the purchase of Sanyo by Panasonic, Panasonic announced plans to eliminate Sanyo as a brand for all current Sanyo consumer products.

Nowadays massage chairs are providing over hundred types of mixed massage therapies like knocking, kneading, rolling, tapping on head, neck, back, waist and hips to stimulate presser-points and eliminate fatigue on the whole body and rejuvenate the mind and there are over then 8hydro bags in the chair to give you squeezing massage along with four-roller massage; recently some companies have started to add a low vein clicker to squeeze pulses on legs, for promoting blood circulation. Moreover, the whole thing is about comfort, so on the chair there is a body-shape detection proses for different body height with controls for backrest to be rose up from any type of position. C-type armrest are also added for  moved back and forth, to have comfortable air pressure massage on arms and  VFD control along with flipping cover keeps the massage easier with convenient.

Benefits of Massage Chair


Some of the health benefits of massage chairs are describing at the bellow.

Relaxation: Massage is all about relaxation and massage chair can provide you that by their many newly installed application, but don’t forget massage is not only a way of takeover your body from disease, it’s also a way of taking care to your health.
Stiffed muscles: on this type of problem one may feel as a limp rag doll, but a normal or conventional massage can save you from it. This kind of massage can be achieved in massage spas or on a massage chair, but ensuring quietly massage therapy is vital.
Lymph improvement: Lymph in blood helps to take over tissues from harmful toxins. When the muscles are worked intensely, the result is better lymph flow with more toxins flushed from human body. This process can normalize blood pressure, and this can be achieved by massage from massage chair.
Leg cramps: Leg cramps are a common ailment in our life, especially for the people who are in environments like sports, pregnant women and the elderly hood. A sudden contraction of the calf muscles, causes sharp pain that can last anywhere from 20 seconds to 10 minutes. While leg cramps can be prevented by any normal massage chair.
Increase blood flow: To increase anyone’s blood flow it requires a united work of veins and airbag of a massage chair click presser points to keep those important veins in work. Proper blood flow creates the nutritional circulation and absorption elements into the tissues and muscles through this Increasing circulation toxins are out of sensitive areas.
Healing: Massage is a great healer for body because it increases blood flow in your body, send more oxygen to heart and rise endorphin level that is the key parts of healing. Even some Doctors recommend massage chair in spite of medication.
Muscle spasms: It is well known that the effect of a heard working day and it can make our muscles tight. To relax and keep your muscles free, one should try shiatsu massage therapy, In this case Panasonic chairs provide the best shiatsu massage and they have warm seats to keep you warm so if the muscle spasms is your only problem, then I will suggest you to buy a Panasonic massage chair.
Flexibility: Massage allows us to move more freely. Indian massage can free your bone joints and muscles and also create an environment of relax ness. After few sessions you may become surprised   at the dramatic improvement in movement. In this new era flexibility is must and a massage chair can get you that easily.
Endorphin level: Our brain produce natural painkiller and this painkiller is known as endorphin. This endorphin is also a great penicillin to keep our body fit and throughout all kinds of pain. Connective tissue massage of a massage chair produces relief of pain and increases microcirculation in a number of vascular beds these vascular helps to raise endorphin level.
Better Breath: Now it is possible achieve a firm and comfortable breath for who have berating problem. This problem is created by tight muscles around your ribs. Your massage tool will work those areas where you are having problem of breath deploying. For this problem please try head massage it is best for this kind of problem. After a session of head massage on chair, test yourself with a deep breath, I hope you will have a great satisfaction.
Eliminating neck and back pain: Muscle tightening can create pain all over the body for this problem anyone can use Thai massage it is the best solution for any kind of pain this massage recliner to relax those muscles you will find many painful areas resolving almost magically and you can find Thai massage in every normal massage chair like Osaki, Titan, Panasonic.
Well being: A massage chair relax you from stress, muscle tightening, low endorphin levels and increase blood along with lymph flow to enjoy the feeling of being a new person. This rejuvenation will make your mind more calm and also provide you improved posture to look younger and experience a new glow. Anyone can change their life by having a simple massage chair.

Benefits Of Massage Chairs images
Benefits Of Massage Chairs

Prevent arthritis: Placing abnormal presser on any parts of your body can create poor posture of bone, which is known as arthritis problem. Unusual weight adversely affects your bones especially if you are over 40 years of age, but a massage chair can eliminate this problem by its massage therapy. Through the sessions of massage will help you gain your body back into the position it was designed to perform in and make your bones comfortable and kindling it will relax your cardio system too.
Body Posture: Urban stress and pain is spoiling our body structure and this kind of problem can make serious health problems such as cancer, heart attack and brain stroke. The posture a person assumes unconsciously to avoid pain adversely affects all the surrounding muscles, bones, and ligaments These problems can be solved by the regular use of massage by a massage chair. A regular session of massage can gradually improve your posture. Improvement can be seen after having the first try.

Many researchers claim that a massage chair can be also useful for cancer patients because massage chairs are used as a supplement of modern medicine for people who are suffering from cancer. Massage can prevent high blood pressure. Massage is one of the best ways to reduce stress and relax the body in order to prevent high blood pressure. This is especially true for those in high-demand jobs. There are also an increasing number of hard workers who are in great risk of mental-illness they can be benefited by a massages chair. Massage chairs can provide us with a great help and Osaki massage chair are specially made to survey you in these conditions. Beside those there are also many benefits of massage chair.

Working process of Massage Chairs

Now let’s visit the idea behind a robotic massage chair, this chair comes with a simple mechanism, as simple as rocket science. However, it can be written in an easier way and I am going to do exactly that. Few electric motors and water cylinders inside the chair deliver continues shacking, pressing and chalking to the person who is sitting on it to gather the essence of massage and only for that essence many inventors or nerds on our word have come up with many world changing techniques for the vending massage chairs. Some have created designs that use airbags to massage away tension. Others use a series of hydro bags to squeeze muscles and generate more blood circulation through veins while other has inputted complex machinery designed to mimic a human massage. I hope you got the word “complex”, I wrote it because the theory of  these designs were  just going to made me shout on my own head.

Types of Massage Chair

Traditional Massage Chairs

An ergonomic portable chair with lots of installed massage techniques is known as massage chair, but massage chairs have many types and one of them is Traditional massage chair, this kind of massage chair are biased on Roland A. Labbe” design and only do conventional massage focused on the back, arms head, neck, shoulders and hands. This kind of massage chair are not as efficient as today’s massage chairs because of manually system, but those chairs were able to offer on-site massage, too many industrial environments because of the portability of the massage chair, and clients do not need to disrobe to receive a chair massage. This chair has made his appearances in situations like Conferences, training, Golf Outings, offices, Appreciation Events, Trade Shows and Corporate club.

Robotic Massage Chairs

Robotic Massage Chairs images
Robotic Massage Chairs

A chair with some modern motors, electrical gears and scanner to perform smooth massage to the parson sitting on to it is known as Robotic massage chair. Robotic Massaging chairs vary tremendously in price, style and intensity, from cheap “vibrate only” chairs to full intensity Titan massage chair for people who require as close to a real invigorating massage as possible.

Modern day Robotic massage chairs have controllers to vary its systems of massage types, techniques and other feathers easily to the consumer and this same technology offers automatic responses too. Robotic massage chair allow companies to add more new massage therapy and add more comfort providing feathers like worm seat, hot air, water therapy and many more, but these feather also made it heavy to move around.

Smart Phone Massage Chairs

In this new era we want everything in our smart phone and that’s why Titan and Panasonic massage chair crated a revolutionary char that can be controlled and managed by our phone they have integrated there massage chair with Google’s Android Phone and Apples I-Phone. By this integration massage chair won’t only massage you it could be connected with phone and play music and new massage program could be also downloaded through the app stores to the chair’s system.

Best Massage Chair Brands

Keep eye on the massage chairs installed features. Consumers have to choose between automatic and manual system. Chair brands normally offer one-touch control buttons to recline adjustments as well as massage settings. The decision between wired or wireless remote control features would depend on their budget, but it won’t cost you a lot. Durability speaks for quality. When it comes to massage chairs, it is important to put quality over value or you will be sorry. The item is intended to serve therapeutic purposes while doubling as a lounge chair at your home. Paying attention to the quality of a massage chair would guarantee you that the chair will live up to its purpose.

Osaki Massage Chairs

Osaki Massage Chair
Osaki Massage Chair

Osaki Massage Chair is the king among the top massage chair brands in 2013. This company really deserves this position because of quality, offers, provided massage techniques and after sale services. The best attraction of this massage is shiatsu massage application. It works on the meridians of your body, using pressure points to stimulate the proper functioning of the entire body, including the internal organs such as veins muscles and heart. Another special feature is the comfortable sensation offered by the fully reclining, heated seat. This company also offers special designed Dream Wave technology that uses the same pattern professional masseurs’ use during massage sessions. The Osaki Massage Chair can bring this entire straight to your home. Their modern designs of the upholstery contribute in a decisive way to the general extraordinary impression it leaves.

Titan Chairs

Titan Chair
Titan Chair

The second market position is kept by Titan massage chairs mainly for the special head massage program. This program has an important role in stimulating the blood circulation in vain for a better irrigation of the vessels in the brain. This way, the risk of a stroke is reduced to minimum, saving you from a lot of physical problems in the future and also helps to achieve a healthy skin. Another special feature is Indian massage therapy along with feet massage these massage create a feeling of rejuvenation and make you able to stretch your whole body more than normal. On this company’s chair massage is achieved with an intelligent robotically mind and a scanner that detects the most tensed areas in the body by laser. A 32 inches vertical roller is placed on the chair that is longest in all massage chairs available in market and newly added seven automated massage programs ensure its owner a total satisfaction and keep you out from your back, shoulders, waist and pelvic pain.

Panasonic Massage Chair

Panasonic Massage Chair
Panasonic Massage Chair

3rd position is kept by Panasonic because of its few unique features and first of its feature is the movable armrests because it provides an efficient massage of to the body parts like lags arms and hips, even when the chair is totally reclined. Your hips, thighs, shoulders and feet are surely more relaxed after this massage session, but the most popular feature is heat massage and because of this massage technique one can enjoy the worm muscle relaxing massage and it also heals injuries by releasing pleasant warmth in all your body, with the help of the heated heads. This technique also improves your blood circulation, important especially if you suffer from high blood pressure.

Sanyo Massage Chair

Sanyo Massage Chairs
Sanyo Massage Chairs

Sanyo Massage Chair Company is holding the fourth best position for massage chair category in 2013. This massage company is providing three Re-adjustable positions for total comfort and this technique allow your body to stay stress free and relax during the massage. The rollers are shaped like thumbs to copy human touch and make the massage session perfect, this shape also helps to eliminate tension accumulated in body’s backside, clave, ankles, and feet and improve blood circulation. Sanyo massage chairs also included a special sensor that detects stiffness and eliminates strain. This massage chair also has five different types of technique to serve adults and teenagers both, these family friendly features and the special design of its massage chairs made this brand forth out of hundreds of company’s in market.

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